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English & Hindi Recitation Competition.

Show & Tell Competition.

Story Telling Competition.

Face-Mask Making Competition.

Drawing & Colouring Competition.

Solo Dance Competition.

English & Hindi Calligraphy Competition.

Toy Talk / Picture Talk.

Class Dramatizations.

Puzzle Solving.


When the child settles down in the class, the exercises of practical life activities are introduced.These are mostly collective activities and the objectives of such activities are to train the child to become independent and to learn social behavior. Sensorial activities help in the motor intellectual development. The stronger the sense of the child the faster would be his/her intellectual development. Arithmetic activities establish correlation between the name and the quality.Basically, the Montessori system is aimed at making the basic concepts clear to the child and help him/her to become an independent human being..


All subjects are taught as crossovers with no boundaries. There is a flexible time-table for Pre-Montessori. Montessori-I, and Montessori-II. Fixed days and timings are assigned for activities like Music, Computers, outdoor Play, Art & Craft, Clay moulding. Various Assignment Sheets are provided time to time according to the topic taken in class





E.V.S. / G.K. / Value Education.



Art & Craft.

Physical Education.


Value Based Education.

Value Education forms an integral part of the Pre-Primary Curriculum. The following are taken up for effective implementation of this programme.

Morning Assembly is held for Montessori Classes separately.

Silent sitting, thought of the Day, Recitation of Poems / Shalokas are part of the Assembly.

Value based stories and songs are taken up regularly.

Dramatization of stories, Role Play.

Celebration of National & Religious Festivals.

Outings and excursions to Temple, Gurudwara and Church.